Tiffany Teen

First Impressions

There’s a cute picture of Tiffany posing in a red tank top and panties as you enter her tour page. It’s a nice welcome to a site that features a wealth of solo babe content. The tour is low tech, but it gets the job done where it counts. Namely, they provide you with plenty of preview images to give a taste of what Tiffany has in store. Her blonde hair is a big attraction, but she also has beautiful blue eyes and a great teen body that has yet to suffer the ravages of time.

Hot Promises

Right off the bat Tiffany lets you know that there are more than 17,000 pictures and 160 videos in her member’s area. In addition you get access to all of Phil-Flash. It’s clear from the pictures provided on the tour that Tiffany isn’t your average teen babe. The first pictures they throw at you show her posing in a tight leather top and latex boots. After that you’ll see her in a tight bikini, a wet t-shirt and an orange mesh top that shows us everything underneath. Lastly they offer a short preview of the video clips that should have you raring to go when you purchase your membership.


The first thing to note about the member’s are of TiffanyTeen is that it’s been moved inside Phil-Flash. This is actually a good thing because it means that you get access to all of Tiffany’s content plus six other teen sites as well as all kinds of content that Phil has shot with other amateur girls. It’s actually a great way to spend a few bucks. The design of the member’s area is dead simple with a text strip across the top of the page linking to the relevant content sections and very little else to see. Tiffany greets you with a short letter and a link to her interview and then you’re free to explore everything she has to offer.

Tiffany’s site breaks down into two basic categories: pictures and videos. There are a few bonus sections as well, but we’ll get into those later. There are 171 galleries and that’s all there ever will be, given that Tiffany has stopped updating her site. Still, with 171 galleries having an average of 50-100 images each there are plenty of photos here to keep you busy. Tiffany actively updated her site for nearly three years before signing off so she put a lot of work into keeping you flush with content.

There are 24 thumbnails per gallery page and browsing to each of the successive pages is simple. The thumbnails are a little small though; at times it can be difficult to tell what the full size image is going to show. When you’re choosing a gallery Tiffany gives you a nice description and a preview image, both of which end up providing enough info that you’ll never feel confused about what you’re going to be seeing. Tiffany is a non nude model, which means that the bar is set even higher in terms of providing quality entertainment. She answers this by posing in some incredibly sexy lingerie outfits, slutty clothes, and the occasional cute teen look.

Tiffany has the ability to look like a total sexpot or a total cutie, depending on what she wants to show you. When she’s working the cutie look she’ll pose in something like a t-shirt and denim shorts and put her hair in pigtails. When she’s working the sexpot look she’ll pose in some very sexy lingerie that flatters her gorgeous figure. Tiffany really knows how to work the camera and she puts that knowledge to use at every turn. I particularly enjoyed a gallery in which she posed in a beautiful pink satin bra and panty set along with black stockings and a garter belt.

Tiffany’s video section features 138 downloadable clips, most of which run 4-7 minutes long. The most notable thing about the videos is their remarkable quality. Each scene runs at 640x480 or better. This means the files are going to be large, but that’s a sacrifice you’ll be willing to make after you download a few of the clips and observe how hot she looks when you run them full screen.

The early videos are largely taped versions of Tiffany’s photo shoots, which couldn’t be more boring. There’s nothing that will turn you away from a video faster than watching a girl stand still while the camera snaps photo after photo. As the site matured Tiffany learned that her members didn’t want that kind of material and graduated into producing exclusive videos separate from her image galleries. It’s in these videos that you’ll find your true source of entertainment as Tiffany strips, shows us her glorious ass, plays with herself through her panties, and much more. She poses in the same kind of outfits that you’ll find in the picture galleries and in a few galleries she poses with another model.

The bonus section is small and offers a few video clips and errant picture galleries that for some reason didn’t merit inclusion in the official categories. All the content features Tiffany and in most cases I couldn’t see any difference. Before Tiffany left the business she kept a journal, logging more than 50 entries. You can read the journal to get an insight into her life, although since she no longer poses for pictures or videos it feels empty. If you’d like to see Tiffany on your desktop every time your start your computer you’ll have access to 24 wallpapers that have been created by a skilled artist. They’re all available in 1024x768 or 800x600.

Although Tiffany Teen is a smoking hot blonde, the best reason to join her site is for the access to Phil-Flash that comes with your membership. First you get access to six full sites just like Tiffany’s. Some of the girls included are Krissy Love, Anna from Anna’s Assets, and Bratty Brittany. Each girl is beautiful and sexy and will provide you with a ton of content. In addition you get access to all of Phil’s amateur and cheerleader content, which amounts to more than 15,000 pictures. Phil-Flash is a huge site in which TiffanyTeen is only a small part.

Croco’s Opinion

When you’ve got a girl as beautiful as Tiffany Teen it’s hard for her site to fail. When she goes above and beyond to create a great experience for her members it makes joining even more enticing. With more than 170 picture galleries and 130 video clips Tiffany has a ton of content for you to explore, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. You get access to the entirety of Phil-Flash and there are more than 60,000 images total for you to enjoy. The best part is you can have it all for a bargain price.


The design is simple, which means navigating the content is a breeze. The thumbnails are too small in the picture galleries, but otherwise everything else is perfect.

Pricing Policy

You can join by credit card for $29.95 for the first 30 days and $24.95 recurring every 30 days after that.

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